CES 2020

CES 2020: Latest Tech Unveils at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Image source: CES 2020

1. Samsung Ballie Robot Unveiled at CES 2020 - An Ai enabled Robot Ball
source: Samsung & CES 2020

At 2020 international CES Samsung introduced a piece of tech which is interesting, helpful and cute. Actually, it is a rolling ball named "Ballie"Samsung Ballie is a cute robot that can make your sweet home even sweeter with its brain, I mean Ballie is an AI-enabled ball robot that rolls and makes your tasks easier and smarter. This Samsung ball can control all your smart devices. It is meant to make your home smarter.
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2. OnePlus Concept One Teased at CES 2020: Magic Cameras

OnePlus concept phone unveiled at CES 2020
Sources: Oneplus and CNet

Again a McLaren inspired Smartphone Design from OnePlusInvisible Cameras Earlier we could see the eyes of the phone but now we cant. Because it is invisible now. Power and Luxury of a Mclaren to Oneplus at CES 2020 Las Vegas. The OnePlus Concept One looks as beautiful as a phone can look and feel. The smartphone is made out of premium materials and tech such as a premium leather-wrapped rear and technology used in McLaren sunroof to hide the vision through the glass to facilitate the cameras to disappear after use.
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What does CES stand for?
CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show. It is an electronic show conducted by Consumer Technology Association. 2020 INTERNATIONAL CES is conducted at Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States of America.

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