iPhone 12 - Everything Mysterious

 iPhone 12 - Everything Mysterious in 2020

Everything We Know about the upcoming 2020 iPhone 12 models.

4 new iPhones, All new physical design, 5.4", 6.7", and 6.1" sizes, Triple-lens 3D camera, All OLED displays, 5G connectivity, A14 chip, $649 starting price.

Is it better to wait for iPhone 12?

Yes, it might be cheaper, new design 2020, faster. iPhone 12 release date is still a mystery. Most Probably by the end of September 2020 it might be unveiled. Currently the apple event scheduled on 15th September 2020 won't be featuring the new phones as per the rumors & news.

iphone 12 review everything mysterious about the upcoming iphone 12
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Currently as we know the scheduled apple event on 15th September won't include the latest iphone models for 2020 because of various reasons such production conflicts, development, shipping etc cause due to the current pandemic.

120hz ProMotion Display

The much awaited 120hz ProMotion display was rumored of the new iphone 12 models but in the last movement we heard 120hz ProMotion Display on iPhone may be cancelled or even delayed because of developmental or even optimizing issues.

New iPhone 12 Design

Apple has made serious and noticeable changes to the structural & physical design for the new iPhone 12 series. The edges are more like the old or first gen iPhone, More like a square design which looks stunning and it can feel good in the hand as well.

Fastest Network With 5G

When they create something it will be as powerful as possible. High speed data, browsing etc. Apple always comes up with special names for there hardware like the liquid retina display, neural engine, etc they might have a name for there 5G modem.

4 New iPhone Models

An iPhone 12 and 12 Max with OLED Display, Dual camera (may be 3), A14 chip, Latest design, 5G, iPhone 12 in 5.4 inch, iPhone 12 Max in 6.1 inch.
iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max will have all the specs as iPhone 12 series with some additional or extra features like LIDAR sensor, etc... for the + $1000 price tag.


This time apple has changed there game by removing the old Liquid Retina display replaced by OLED for all the iPhone's this year 2020.


The new range of phones will feature there latest processor the A14 Chip inside to power there core. It will the fastest chip ever from apple.


The smartphone is expected to have a 3 camera setup with an additional LIDAR sensor.

iPhone 12 Price

Finally the price of iPhone 12 it will be the cheapest iPhone from apple in years. The 5.4 inch iPhone might start at $649.

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