Samsung Ballie AI Robot CES 2020

Samsung Ballie Robot Unveiled at CES 2020 - An Ai enabled Robot Ball

At 2020 international CES Samsung introduced a piece of tech which is interesting, helpful and cute. Actually, it is a rolling ball named "Ballie". Samsung Ballie is a cute robot that can make your sweet home even sweeter with its brain, I mean Ballie is an AI-enabled ball robot that rolls and makes your tasks easier and smarter. This Samsung ball can control all your smart devices. It is meant to make your home smarter.

Samsung Ballie AI robot assistant unveiled at ces 2020
Image source: "Samsung" & "CES 2020"
Today at Samsungs keynote CES 2020. H.S. Kim CEO of Samsung Consumer Electronics Divison introduced Samsung Ballie for an on-stage demo. This was so cute that the rolling fellow followed H.S. Kim around the stage where ever he goes using its tiny camera and even the rolling robot Ballie rolled on to Mr. Kim's hand on command.

This amazing robot has several smart censors that can catch surrounding information quickly, can process it and make decisions quickly. Because it's an ai enabled robot ball, artificial intelligence is meant to be learning continuously without any compromises made to its users and in order to be smarter always.

This smart ball has a tiny camera on it for the purpose of monitoring the surroundings and its user's activities. This tiny intelligent robot is capable of more than just monitoring things capable of helping its users with functions such as cleaning, teaching, security surveillance, fitness assistant, and daily routine.
  • Smart Cleaning - commanding smart cleaning machines near it to clean certain areas in the home without human interference. The robot detects an unhygienic area or dirt around it using its tiny camera. 
  • Smart Teaching - It means that Ballie can facilitate teaching through other mediums such as Tv, speakers, etc.
  • Smart Security surveillance - This is the most useful feature of Samsung Ballie than any other function. Because it moves around the home all the time using its ai brain it ensures the surrounding is safe and it can even send photos or videos to its primary users upon command or requirement. In the video that Samsung uploaded earlier on youtube, it shows baillie sends a video of her dog's activities at home.
  • Smart Fitness Assistant - Can assist you with your fitness goals and requirements.
  • Smart Control Daily Routines - This smart ball Ballie does the set daily routines on time at your home. Like opening the curtains in the morning, waking the user up, switching the lights off, etc.
At CES 2020 Samsung doesn't confirm the launch date nor the price of Samsung Ballie sadly. However, if it reaches the buyers it might be a use full gadget anyway.

You may watch the video from Samsung on YouTube below

Author: Kevin Saju
Sources: Samsung and CES 2020
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