Tesla CyberTruck Launched

Tesla introduced its latest piece of tech the Tesla CyberTruck launched by Elon Musk

Actually a different kind of truck from Tesla. A truck that has more of everything.
Such a unique machine.

source:- "tesla"

What's my first impression of the tesla cyber truck?
Mm, First of all, it doesn't look so great because it's so bulky, no specifics design for the body it's just look like a box or something. Haha, jokes aside the cyber truck do look ugly but still, it has a lot to offer to tesla's customer. A lot of utility such a space, boot space, overall protection for the passenger because the toughness of the body, its fast than a normal truck, durable tesla armor glasses as Elon musk demonstrated in the cyber truck launch event its almost impenetrable, interior design is futuristic with a tablet in the center and tiny steering wheel, Bulky tires which supports a lot of offroading activities and last but not least it can save over earth because its an all-electric truck.

source:- "tesla"

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Lets first look at its specs.

The cyber-truck is really built to last and roll without any obstacle, made from hard 30x cold-rolled stainless steel so tesla calls the cybertruck structure an exoskeleton.

Tesla armor glass can absorb and redirect impact force back for maximum protection and damage control. Tesla made the cyber-truck glass from an ultra-strong glass and reinforced it with a polymer layer for maximum impact protection. The impact resistance of the glass was demonstrated at the launch event.
So why did the tesla armor glass on the cybertruck broke at the launch event? because the windows were not closed or sealed properly.

Maximum Utility provided by tesla, they say that it's the most powerful machine that they have ever built. it can carry up to 3500 pounds and an adjustable air suspension makes the truck so much more versatile. The most rugged all-electric machine.

Now the performance of the cyber-truck lowest center of gravity of this truck facilitates extraordinary traction and torque. It makes this truck faster than any other truck. It has a range of up to 500 miles and it picks up a speed of 60 mph from 0 in less than 3 seconds. Fastest electric truck. Most efficient electric truck in 2019.

Tesla was very much overwhelmed with the response that the new cuber truck, tesla truck gets 150000 pre-orders.

Overall, this monster truck when launched in the market for purchase it might be a game-changer electric truck. Because a truck that is all-electric is extremely capable than an ordinary fuel drive, polluting truck. Built to last body, capabilities, utilities make it a completely unique and valuable.

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