Galaxy watch active review

Does the Galaxy Watch Active really worth a try - should you buy it?

Finally a worthy opponent for the pricey Apple Watch

Compact yet stunning Smart-watch which is affordable

The Samsung galaxy watch active is a worthy successor of the galaxy gear sport smartwatchThe watch active mainly focuses is on fitness, which is tracking activities such as step-counter (pedometer), Hear rate monitor, etc. The smartwatch was released earlier this year when the new galaxy S10 at Samsung unpacked event 2019

galaxy watch active review
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In my opinion, Samsung was successful in designing such a watch at this price point Rs 19,990Samsung brilliantly made the rotating round bezels disappear, which made some of the users uncomfortable as the previous version of this watch had it and which facilitated easy toggle around the watch. Available at Amazon - BUY NOW

But I have one question for you. Do you like the new Galaxy smartwatch and why do you like it or not? (Please post your answers in the comment below)
From our point of view, most of the users would love the new design of the watch, which is sleek and stylishYeah, what's in it that you don't like, everything is better when you are ready to forget the old rotating bezel.

The new galaxy active watch packs some new features:-It can track real-time fitness results - detects up to 6 exercises, while tracking up to 39 more, right from your wrist. Sleep monitor - helps you in sleep pattern analysis and it can help you rest better. Heart rate sensor  - Sends you real-time alerts if ever detecting an irregular beat, so you can be more proactive about your heart health. Always connected - Sync your smartphone to stream your music playlists, instant notifications and right on your wrist. Light, Durable, Thin - built to last.

Is the Galaxy watch Active worth buying?
There is a greater possibility that the users might prefer the new Samsung Galaxy active smartwatch over the Apple watch series 4 as it has almost all the features and sensors that the apple watch possesses, and it costs only half the price of an apple watch.

Samsung watch active overview

DesignThe active smartwatch has been crafted in a way that, it really attracts the customers at the first look itself that it is sleek and lightweight, only weighs less than 26g. Instead of the rotating bezels, Samsung incorporated 2 right side-mounted buttons. It sports a 1.1-inch display, sometimes it might be annoying for someone with big hand to toggle around.4 colors to choose from black, silver, blue, and rose gold.

Hardware packs 230mAh battery which lasts two days or sometimes more if you are not using any functions. Built on a dual-core 1.15GHz processor and 4GB internal storage similar to the galaxy smartwatch.

Is Samsung Galaxy watch active waterproof
Yes, the watch is IP68 waterproof.

Active voice assistant (Bixby)What's lacking with the galaxy watch active from Samsung is the incorporation of a less efficient Voice assistant Bixby compared to the google assistant because Bixby is still learning it has got lots to improve.

Active stands for fitness
Does Galaxy Watch have ECG?So the active smartwatch from Samsung focuses on health. It is packed with all tracking sensors but it lacks a blood pressure sensor for now as it is now limited to US. Yes, it has ECG function but is limited and in beta version, but soon it will be updated.

Can you make calls and messages on Samsung Galaxy watch active
Yes, you can make calls, reply to messages right from your smart-watch

Does galaxy watch active have GPS
Yes, Samsung Watch Active has an inbuilt GPS for tracking activities.

Please do post your valuable comments below about my review of the galaxy active watch and what should I improve.

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